Dell XPS13 ultrabook


Great hardware, missing software integration

Dell’s answer to the Mac Book Air is their flagship XPS13 ultrabook. The sleek notebooks sell at a 1300 Euros price tag. It is more powerful and its screen is far better than the Air’s retina.

Ubuntu Desktop comes installed at no extra charge and 100 Euros more will buy you a Windows license. Drivers are missing in some cases and their installers are shipped with bugs that turn them useless. When enquired, Dell do claim that they do not support Ubuntu. They confuse their charging the OS license fees with their liability to support the OS they install on their shipped products.

Terrible support

Many emails to admin or technical support simply go answered. Not for days, for ever. The alternative is reaching them on the phone. Spanish clients have to dial a paying non-geographic number to speak call-center operators based in France (all with names from the Maghreb).


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